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custom made gitaren en vintage versterkers, Custom guitars and vintage amps

Your own custom Guitar & Bass

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''We like vintage, but we love trying new things...''

Stradlin Guitars started a few years ago with the idea to build guitars that have a perfect playability, awesome looks and a great sound. Our goal is to build guitars that invite you to play, that can tell a story and that are unique and one-of-a-kind.


We like guitars with a vintage vibe and we are very proud of the models we have already built. But we also like to try new things. So if you have a crazy idea about a new guitar design, please let us know and let’s make that happen!

Custom guitar, handgemaakt gitaar


Custom guitars vintage amps handgemaakte gitaren


Electric guitar, vintage amp, electrische custom gitaar


How it started

I started playing guitar when I was 13 years old. I learned a few chords from my neighbour, who also lend me the guitar. And I was sold! I thought it was the perfect instrument; it was fun to play and it sounded great. I mean, it could sing ánd scream! Moreover, it was used in all the music I listened to and it also looked awesome. I adored the guitar instantly, but was never scared to adjust it: I would change hardware, repaint, experiment with string/pickup heights... I had so much fun trying to make my starters-kit guitar play better, and ultimately, make it my guitar


electric custom guitar, electrische gitaar, custom amp
Electric custom guitar, elektrische handgebouwde gitaar, vintage amp, boutique effect pedal

The Bird Triology

Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet someone as crazy about custom electric guitars as you...

...that was when I met Jeroen. Another guitar geek, who is on the same page as I am when it comes to creating something new and combining existing designs we already like. After one brainstorm session we both knew we were on the start of ...

Electric custom guitar, elektrische gitaren, vintage amp

There are already a million Guitars, now it's time to build yours!

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