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The proces starts with a meeting telling us what you’re really looking for, we prefer doing that with a cup of coffee while you can compare some guitars we already have. But if Belgium is too far we will mail back and forth until we have exactly the drawing you want. The whole proces, building the guitar, painting, assembly, wiring and setup is done in our atelier. For the finish we love a natural feel. We like to use thin nitro layers or work with oil. So the wood keeps the feel of wood and not turn into plastic.

The guitars are assembled with Shaller, CTS, Switchcraft hardware and for the electronics only the best materials are used.

We prefer handing out the guitar personally, so you can play it until we see you are 100% satisfied with your new instrument. But we also ship worldwide. Our instruments are packed in secured card board and are fully insured against damage or loss.

Shipping costs are based on the destination.
For any enquiries, please contact us.

Customise one of our models, or design your very own guitar

Our models can be build with both a 25.5'' scale lenght with a 10’’to12’’ compound radius fretboard, or a 24.75'' with a 12'' radius. It has a medium C neck shape and a carbon strip around the trussrod for extra strength.

Feel free to send your specifications. Sending this form does not commit you to order anything. I love to see what guitarist are trying to find in a guitar and use this to give you the estimated price of your instrument. I will come back to you in a couple of days with the drawing of the guitar based on your selections.

For bass guitars, please contact us, we'll get back to you with more information.






Valkamo Lintu

Estimated Price:
Our models: € 2300 - € 2 600.
Own design, full custom: € 2 800 - € 3 000


Incl. VAT 21%

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For the pick-ups Stradlin Guitars works with 'engineer in mind, musician at heart' Sander and Geert from NEL amps. After many years of repairing and modding amps Sander and Geert started a new journey with Heartbreaker. They supply us with pick-ups that come incredibly close to the sound of 60s and 70s guitar heroes we all love.

But of course there are other brands we use upon request, like Lollar, Seymour Duncan, Mojo.. And we can always re-use vintage pick-ups that customers bring us.


To choose your wiring options, our default concept is ‘don’t put in there what you don’t use’. That way you send as much signal to the amp as possible. Our standard wiring contains master volume and tone with a pick-up switch if needed. But we are all ears for alternative wirings with coil splitting, extra switches, push and pulls, killpots, jackpots, …


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Build your own

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